Sep 112013
Time Management Tip: Forget time management, you need Time Protection.
When my clients reflect and analyse on how they use their time, one pattern arises almost every time – a lack of interrupted blocks of time.
It seems today that we are constantly interrupted, which significantly reduces our focus, our creativity and our ability to think strategically. This is a massive drain on productivity and leads to poor staff engagement.
Don’t just manage time, you must protect your time.
To work effectively you need uninterrupted blocks of time in which you can complete meaningful work. When you know for certain that you won’t be interrupted, your productivity is much, much higher.
My clients have found the results are amazing. Matt, for example, felt like he achieved more in one 1.5 hour block  than a full day of work with interruptions. Most of my client agree that a 90 minutes is ideal for a single block of time.
Imagine getting more done in 90 minutes of uninterrupted time that you do in the rest of the day!
The big question I get asked is how? How do you find 90 minute uninterrupted blocks. After much research my simple answer is hide!  Literally find a place where you can hide away. It might be an out of the way meeting room, working from home, or a coffee shop away from the office where no-one knows you.
Try hiding and see how your productivity, clarity and strategic thinking improve.
Have the time of your life today!

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