Aug 262013

Time Management Tip: How procrastination can help effectiveness.

Last week one of my clients was completely frustrated. “How come so many tasks take much longer that they should?” she complained.

We are not very good at estimating how long a task will take.

Often these tasks take 2 or 3 times as long as you think they should. Why? There are several reasons. One is that we are just really poor at time estimation.

Second is that we are constantly interrupted which stops your thinking flow and wastes as much 15 minutes not including the time of the interruption.

Third, our mind energy is not at the right level for the task. And this is when procrastination actually helps you to be productive. If you find that your mindset is just not right for an important task such as a major proposal or a creative presentation, then stop!

Think about your energy levels and how they flow during the day. Now reschedule the task for a time when your energy and mindset will get the job in the least time.

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Have the time of your life.


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