Aug 132013

Time Management Tip: Run Effective Meetings

I am on the advisory board of a few small businesses and recently one of the managers was asking me about running effective meetings. Ian was concerned that the meetings were more of a waste of time than something that added value.

Then I found a site online that calculated the cost of ineffective meetings (see link below).

The cost for a 15 person small business was $67,547 for the year!

That staggered me and I immediately contacted Ian and told him how right he was. Ineffective meetings have a massive impact.

So how do you make sure you run effective meetings?

Here are some tips to run effective meetings.

1. Ask yourself do you really need a meeting?

2. Create a checklist for running effective meetings (this list is a great place to start)

3. Have a very clear purpose for the meeting that everyone understands

4. Never mix meetings purposes, especially short term and long term.

5. Invite relevant people and decide who is required and who is optional

6. Have a clear & specific agenda and circulate it before the meeting

7. Have a chairperson that controls the flow of the meeting including timing

8. Start and end meetings at odd times e.g. start at 10.03 and end at 10.44 am

9. Document action items with dates and person responsible

10. Make it interesting – create some “drama” – something that captures people’s attention and makes them want to listen and be involved.

Here are some more time management resources.

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Have the time of your life.



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