Jul 312013

Time Management Tip:

How to create an extra hour a day.

Do you feel like time flies through the day and before you know it the day has gone. Worse you struggle to remember what you did and you doesn’t have a real sense of achievement or progress.

If you do you feel like that at the end of the day you are like almost all the people I talk to.

How would you like an extra hour a day.

One of the easiest ways my clients have a created what feels like an extra hour a day is to track your energy levels and define your high productivity period.

Our energy goes up and down during our waking hours. Do you know when you are most productive?

My clients tell me they are 2 – 5 times more effective in their high productivity period compared to the rest of the day.

Find out when you are at your most productive and use that time for a HIT – that’s a high impact task – that gives you a clear sense of progress and achievement. You will complete this task is less than half the time of trying to do it when you are tired and/or distracted.

For example, Craig, a small business MD, was trying to complete a new strategic plan at the end of the day after most of his staff had left. “It’s the only time I don’t get interrupted” he said. But several weeks later he was struggling to make progress.

He found he was continually reworking the plan.

Craig identified his high productivity period as mid morning. He planned an interruption free block of time to work on the strategic plan. He completed the plan in 4 days.

Craig estimates he saved 10 – 20 hours using this approach compared to trying to do the strategy at the end of the day.

Create your extra hour a day by identifying you high productivity period and completing high impact tasks in that time.

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Have the time of your life today!


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