Jul 172013

Time Management Tip:

Here’s a way to rescue your time.

Ever got to the end of a day and wondered where your time went. People in my programs tell me this happens all the time to them (sometimes it’s even the whole week!)

What if there was a way to rescue your time!

I don’t have a time machine, sorry. But there is a great tool that can monitor your time, based on how you have used your computer, and give you insights as to where your time goes. Try Rescue Time.

Once you understand where your times goes you can significantly improve your time management.

Tracking your time is a very powerful time management technique. Most people I talk to tell me that it is “painful” to track their time. Here’s a tool that makes tracking your time really easy – Time Tracking Tool.

Now you can work out ways to reduce distractions and increase time spent on your highest priorities.

Want to take more control of your time? Here are some tips you probably haven’t hear before.

Have the time of your life today.



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