Jul 092013

Time Management Tip:

How do you make more time for your kids?

Would you sell one of your kids for $100 million? Be honest.  Michael Lazarow asks this question in his post.

Since no one would make this trade, he wrote, we must all value our kids much more than $100 million. Yet very few of us act that way.

Though silly in many ways, the question opens a window into our priorities. Our personal priorities. And our professional ones as well, as not spending enough time with our kids is often cited as the #1 parenting regret.

We work at night while our kids play at home – next to us or in the next room – but without us.

We travel to “must-attend” meetings while our kids perform in recitals without us.

We look at our phones when our kids want us to look at them.

We get frustrated with our kids when we should be enjoying them.

We yell at them when they should be the ones yelling at us for being so selfish.

What decisions would you make differently if you truly valued your children more than $100 million?

Read the full post here – Michael Lazerow.

Want to get more control of your time? Here’s how!

Have the time of your life.


Oct 092012

Time Management tip:

What do successful people do in the first hour of their date. The late great Steve Jobs said he looked in the mirror.

Steve said he looked in the mirror and asked himself the question;

“If today was the last day of my life would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

If the answer was yes too many times in a row then I need to change something.

How would you answer this question? How would this reflection effect how you use and value your time?

Have the time of your life, today!


Feb 192012

A weekly review is a crucial part of an effective time management system. — but many people struggle to do this on a consistent basis.

When is the best time to do your weekly review?

In the GTD linked in group is was suggested that Friday lunch time is the ideal time and I totally agree.

Leaving it until late Friday seems to increase the chances some crisis comes up and the review is pushed aside. The same applies for Monday mornings and before you know it, it’s Monday afternoon and you haven’t done your review or your plan for this week.

Friday lunch is the ideal time for your weekly review and planning for the following week.

Do you agree?

Have the time of your life.


Apr 292011

Time Management Video

Would you like to be more productive?

Here is an interesting time management video with a great story about being productive versus busy moving stone blocks from Roger at Goals to Action.

The video highlights how people become unproductive even though they have lots to do. Roger also introduces a productivity formula.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

http://www.goalstoaction.com/members/what-it-means-to-be-productive (it goes for about 7 minutes)

Have the time of your life this weekend :-)


Apr 032011

Time Management Tips:

We are up to question number 4 from the Goals to Action newsletter.

The first 3 questions were:

1. What is the most valuable use of my time right now?

2. What am I ultimately trying to accomplish?

3. What am I giving up t do this?

See my previous posts for more information on these time management tips.

The 4th question is:

What are my 3 most important projects or task for today?

Yes, just 3. When you complete you top 3 tasks you will have made more progress than competing all your other task combined. This is based on the 80-20 rule, which says 80% of your impact or progress will be achieved in 20% of your tasks.

The challenge it seems is to stick to these tasks and get them done. Most people find they get distracted, interrupted and overwhelmed, so they don’t finish their most important tasks!

The main reason for this is that they have not clearly defined their top 3 most important tasks nor have they realized the impact these tasks will have on their progress.

So give it a try – each day, ideally the night before, write down your top 3 most important tasks. Only 3! Let me know how this works for you.

Have the time of your life this week :-)



Feb 182011

Mistake #2 of the Top 10 mistakes leaders must avoid has huge impact on your time and your team’s time.

James Manktelow’s (mindtools.com) article on the top 10 mistakes leaders must avoid says the #2 biggest mistake is not making enough time for your team.

Busy managers often tell me they just don’t have enough time for their team. Many also say they want their team to “step up”, be more proactive and make more decisions.

The thing is, YOU must make time for them before they can step-up.

If you don’t make time then you will be doing much more work and making all decisions. Your staff will come to you to all the time with questions and you end up saying you will do it (because it is quicker to do it “myself) than to help them do it).

The highly effective manager invests time in their staff. They delegate, empower and engage. Yes it takes time initially, but before too long you see your staff taking on more, being proactive and making decisions as you monitor progress.

Your team are happier and more engaged when you find time for them.

Save yourself as much as 17 hours a week by investing your time in your team!

Jan 172011

A new opportunity is here for you right now. Will you take it or just keep things the way they are now?

As you are getting back in to work after Christmas and New Year you have the chance to do things differently. And because of your break it is easier for your mind to adjust to something new. You can have more time if you want to.

Start this week, today. Use a time management system. Do some planning. Plan your week in chunks of time (do not use a to-do list). Start today and keep going for 6 weeks planning weekly and referring to the plan everyday.

Now is the easiest time to make these changes, so you have more time and less stress in your life.

Have the time of your life today :-)


Dec 142010

How to reduce Christmas Stress with a simple time management tip.

Most people I talk to at this time of the year are stressed. Why? Because they have lots of Christmas presents to buy and the shops are full of people. Parking is a hassle. Then you have to find just the right gift.

Would you like to avoid this stress?

A short, simple plan will reduce your stress by about 80%. Your plan should include:

– The best time to do the shopping quickly

– A list of all the people you want to buy for on this shopping trip

– 2 or 3 ideas of what you could buy each person

– Your start and finish time

Many of my clients have tried and they tell it works.

Give it a try and let me know how well this tip works for you.

Merry Christmas :-)


Nov 222010

Don’t let meetings Steal your time!

Meetings are one of THE biggest time stealers in your day. When you start a meeting late, allow it to run over time and don’t clarify action items, You waste massive amounts of time.

Today’s tip will save you as much as 27 minutes each meeting. Follow these tips:

Start on time every time — if you wait for people to arrive you waste your time AND you are telling them “it’s OK if you are late I will wait for you.”

Summarize — 10 minutes before the end of the meeting summarize the key discussion points and clarify action items

Finish on time — Finish when you say you will finish. I suggest you set an unusual finish time like 10.54.

Meetings waste massive amounts of time. When the meeting starts late you lose about 7 to 11 minutes.. When the meeting runs over you lose 6-9 minutes. AND because you are now running late, you can lose another 6 to 9 minutes before your next appointment — not enough time to do any High Impact Activity. In total about 27 minutes wasted.

Your 10 am 1 hour meeting starts at 10.11, finishes at 11.20 and you only have 7 minutes before you have to leave for your next meeting.

Instead: Start at 10 am sharp. Sum up at 10.45 including action items. Finish at 10.54.

The BENEFIT of running meetings on time is that you save time, up to 27 minutes per meeting.. That can be 5 to 10 hours a week!

Start meetings late is a sign of disrespect for others and more importantly, for Yourself! – Michael Erwin

Have a brilliant day.


Michael Erwin http://www.time-management-central.net