Aug 272013

Time Management Tip: Sometimes doing less gets more done.

I was reading an article from David Allen, author of the Time Management Book, Getting Things Done (GTD) and the take away message for me was:

Sometimes we need to do less so we can get things done.

In the article (see link below) David says that to get to his ideal state of mind & emotion he does not work harder and faster.

He creates his best state of mind by letting go, by getting quiet and just being.

I believe David’s insight is the key to effective time management in 2013 & beyond. No longer can we do everything or catch-up. No amount of working harder and faster will get you there. At times we must slow down and make choices about what to do and what not to do.

David Allen’s food for thought

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Aug 192013

Time Management Tip: Find the thief that steals your time.

” Where does my time go?” is one of the most common questions I get asked. People describe feeling like time has been stolen during their day.

We have 86,400 seconds each day — that’s 1440 very precious minutes every day.

But do you treat each minute like they are precious – like say diamonds?

Most people don’t because they believe they will get another 1440 minutes tomorrow. And maybe you will (maybe you won’t). On the other hand you cannot store or save time. One minute wasted is a minute you can never get back.

I believe nothing is more precious than time because we can’t get it back and we cannot save it. What can you do today to make the best use of your 1440 minutes?

So who is the thief that steals your time? There may be many people who distract and interrupt you, but the person that steals our time the most is ourselves!

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Jul 152013

Time Management Tip:

The secret ingredient of effective time management.

In David Allen’s recent GTD newsletter he wrote,

The concept of daily or weekly to-do lists is as outdated as rotary phones. Instead we need a total, 360-degree view of everything we want to accomplish, and all the actions required to start any of them ………

What David is saying is that getting really clear about your life goals and your goals for this year is critical for effective time management.

Almost all the people that I speak to at events, training sessions and coaching programs are not clear about their life goals. And they have not really thought about what they want to achieve this year.

Think about it, if you don’t really know what you want in your life this year how can you know if you are using your time effectively?

So take some time to create some dreams, life goals and goals for the rest of this year. 

Then you will see how this helps you to prioritize, which will improve your time management effectiveness.

Want to get more control of your time? Here’s how!  And receive a gift that steps you through how to set your goals.

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Jul 092013

Time Management Tip:

How do you make more time for your kids?

Would you sell one of your kids for $100 million? Be honest.  Michael Lazarow asks this question in his post.

Since no one would make this trade, he wrote, we must all value our kids much more than $100 million. Yet very few of us act that way.

Though silly in many ways, the question opens a window into our priorities. Our personal priorities. And our professional ones as well, as not spending enough time with our kids is often cited as the #1 parenting regret.

We work at night while our kids play at home – next to us or in the next room – but without us.

We travel to “must-attend” meetings while our kids perform in recitals without us.

We look at our phones when our kids want us to look at them.

We get frustrated with our kids when we should be enjoying them.

We yell at them when they should be the ones yelling at us for being so selfish.

What decisions would you make differently if you truly valued your children more than $100 million?

Read the full post here – Michael Lazerow.

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