Aug 302012

Time Management Tip:

The first hour of the day — it be the most productive and effective 60 minutes or it can send you down the path of distractions and time wasting.

So what do successful people do in the first hour of the day?

Over the next few posts I will share with you some great ways to start your day that help you become more effective.

Today I actually going to share what not to do

Tumblr founder David Karp avoids email in the first hour of the day. If you can bring yourself to break your email addiction and follow David’s advice you will find yourself much clearer about your top priorities of the day.

You will also be able to use your brain power on something you choose rather than the emails at the top of your inbox.

Try it and let me know how it goes for you. Look out for the next instalment soon.

Have the time of your life.



Aug 212012

Time Management tip: Get your email under control.

How high does your pile of dirty clothes need to get before you do the washing? How many dishes are in the sink before you wash them?

Your answers will give you some insight to sub-conscious drivers of how you manage your email and what level you determine means your email is out of control.

The trouble is that the higher your “tolerance” is the more likely you are to let that level creep up.

David Allen (GTD guru) says it is easier to maintain your inbox at zero than at 100s or 1000s. I agree. I see people who keep their inbox below 10 emails.

How do they do it?

The first step is to clear the inbox. Then to maintain it below 10 you must consistently process email and never use your inbox as a to-do list.

Picture a time when you (or maybe your partner) cleaned the house. Now you don’t throw your clothes on the floor or drop rubbish on the ground because it is so obvious.

The same applies to email. Less than 10 emails in your inbox is like a clean house – you are much less likely to mess it up.

Give this a try and let me know how it goes.

Have the time of your life.



May 302011

Time Management Tip – Breaking free from being a slave to email

Email has mastered so many of us — we have become a slave to our own email. We can fight back and regain our freedom.

Today’s tip on mastering your email is to:

Create automatic rules to move all group, cc and newsletter email out of your inbox

You can move them all into one folder or have different folders for different content. The key is that the emails are out of your inbox without you looking at them.

Let your team know that all cc and group emails will go into a ‘reading’ folder for you to read when you get some spare time (which really means never). If something is important they must send it to directly and ideally also talk to you about it.

Good luck take back control of your email and your life :-)



May 242011

Time Management Tip – email management.

As I mentioned in my last post I was at a client site and the issue of managing email came up. It was clear to me that everyone there had become a slave to email. I want to help you change that so you become that master and email is the slave.

In my last post I described how you need to change your mindset to master your email.

The next step is to change your work colleagues expectations around responding to email. Let your colleagues know that you often have important meetings so you will not be able to respond to email quickly.  Tell them you will get to the email but it may take a day or two.

Let them know that for any urgent and important issues they should come and talk to you (with their recommendations) or call you.

Email is NOT to be used for urgent issues.

These tips have worked for many hundreds of my clients. I’d like to hear from you. Do you use the email management techniques. Do you have other techniques and tips that work for you?

In the next post I will talk about what not to-do with your inbox.

Have the time of your life :-)


May 232011

Time Management Tip – managing email.

“How many emails?” I asked. “Over 2000 in my inbox and about 220 unread,” was the reply.

I was at a client site the other day and talking to  some people about some leadership effectiveness training when lack of time and email management came up. One of the managers mentioned email was killing him and told us about his 2000 emails. I was stunned.

Everyone at the table agreed that managing email was a major challenge and took up way too much time each day. So I’d like to share with you some tips that have helped my clients to improve their email management.

The first step is to change how you see and think about email. Email is a communication tool for you to use. You are the master and email is the slave!

Unfortunately most people have fallen into the trap of letting email be the master.

Email itself is NOT a priority. You do not have a KPI of read all emails and reply with 20 seconds. What is important is the information in some of the emails.

So look at your email in terms of how important the information is rather than feeling you have to read and reply to every email quickly. Focus on the emails that relate to your top 3 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Take that information and think about how it impacts on achieving your KPIs.

Email only provides information — you must decide what is important. You must also set aside time to work on achieving your KPI projects without being distracted by email.

In the next few blogs I will give you more tips on managing the amount of email, using rules, checking for email addiction and changing email culture.

Enjoy some email free time and have the time of your life today :-)


Nov 152010

Hello and welcome to this weeks short simple time management tip about Managing EMAIL.  It will take you about 47 seconds to read this email. Here is your time creation tip for this week.

Time Management Tip

Email is the ENEMY of Highly Effective People.

Your inbox is NOT your TO DO list.

Each morning start on your Number One priority for the day BEFORE you open your inbox.

Many people today are addicted to email (are you?). Test yourself – can you start an activity in the morning without checking email? If you do, how do you feel?

The INBOX should NOT determine your priorities or your next task. Highly effective people never let this happen. Be Proactive and work to your plan rather than reacting to your inbox.

The BENEFIT of this is that you will find you achieve much more in less time, because you are making sure you Spend appropriate Time on your High Priorities.

You can find more great time management tips here


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“(if you let it) Ultimately your email inbox will be your boss. It will dictate what you do and when. That is a very bad thing”

Michael Masterson – Author, Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire

Have a fantastic week.


Michael Erwin